Sunday, April 22, 2012

Online Survey

About a week ago I created an online survey through PsychData about EDM that can be viewed at the link below:

 Most people who took the survey were exposed to EDM 2-4 years ago. The most common favorite genres were Trance and House music. All who took the survey had attended an event specifically promoted as an EDM event. All except 1 or 2 out of 45 who took the survey had been to an electronic music festival. These included Ultra Music Festival, Sunset Music festival, Electronic Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Music festival, and Spring Weekend. Common responses about the overal attitude of the other people at the EDM events they had attended included: "easy going and eager to have a good time" "very accepting, general great vibe, feels like everyone was on the same page" "overall very nice and fun" "friendly and wonderful" "chill" 30 out of 45 people responded that they had at some point experimented with Extasy and or MDMA. The number one value associated with EDM by survey participants was equality. The number two was unity with others, number three was drug use and number four was love. 75% of survey takers responded they had a favorite DJ/Producer. Common responses when asked what values they believed DJ's and producers promote included: "peace and unity" "Raging" "money being spent" "love" "love for music" "good vibes" "freedom of expression" "respect and friendliness with everyone" All survey respondents answered that yes, they believe DJ's and producers have the power to effect social change.

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