Thursday, April 19, 2012


Electronic dance music has taken the youth of today by storm. Its hypnotic beats have not only crept into all genres of popular music but they have led to the creation of an entirely new subculture. EDM's insane popularity has created a social movement with tremendous potential to affect social change. World famous DJ's and producers have massive followings of sometimes millions of people. This gives the EDM movement an invaluable way in which to promote a new way of life to mass amounts of people. The mantra of the EDM movement is embodied in the acronym PLUR. PLUR stands for peace, love, unity, and respect. These values are what the EDM movement encourages people to live their lives by.

If you've ever been to an EDM event, whether it be a single headliner one night show at a nightclub or a three day music festival, you have experienced PLUR and the power it has to dictate an atmosphere. I have attended many a show and three music festivals (Ultra Music Festival, Bonnarroo Music and Arts Festival, and Electric Daisy Carnival). Never once have I seen any type of physical altercation between two people, and rarely have I witnessed verbal conflict. How is it that at a gathering of thousands upon thousands of people there are no fights? Many close minded people will argue that this is due to the influence of drugs such as Extacy, MDMA, and pshycadelics. In some cases this is certaintly true. However it cannot be argued that this is the sole reason for this exeptional behavioral pattern. There are many musical and non-musical events at which drug use of all kinds is popular. Have you ever gone to a rock or hip-hop concert where everyone gets along?

While it is true that a side effect of the use of MDMA and similar drugs is an increased chance that you will treat everyone like your long lost family member it is much more than drug use that inspires the true embracers of the EDM movement to embrace PLUR. In my research of the EDM movement I have focused on two major questions; what does EDM promote and how does it promote it and what potential does EDM have to envoke social change. I want to prove to the world that the values that EDM promote has the power to change the world by using those most infuential in the scene (DJ's, producers, recording artists) to promote positive values and behaviors. I want to prove that this power to be influential does not come from teenagers enticed by drug use or the party atmosphere but from the love of music, art and the acceptance of all different types of people.

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