Sunday, April 22, 2012

An electronic community

As I am sure is the case in many towns there is a social network of those involved in the buisness of entertainment in Tallahassee. Local DJ's and producers make up a critical part of this network. Tallahassee has been home to several DJ's who have started here playing in college bars and clubs and have made electronic music into their livelihoods. I was able to speak with DJ Crespo (Daniel Crespo) who started his musical career in Tallahassee and now has a residency at Club Mansion in Miami.

Interview with DJ Crespo

Me: "When did you first start making your own music?"

Crespo: "When I was a Sophmore here at FSU. I'd been listening to EDM for a long time before that since I grew up in Miami where it's just always been huge but I didn't buy my own equipment until around that time."

Me: "What first inspired or encouraged you to become a DJ?"

Crespo: "In high school I fell in love with the EDM scene, I wanted the life that the DJ's in Miami led. I wanted to be able to make a living doing something I knew I would always love. When I moved to Tallahassee a few connections within the club scene encouraged me to begin making my own music promising me if I got good I could play at their clubs. I saw the opportunity and I grabbed it."

Me: "How would you respond to those that say you make your living off of kids that just like to do drugs? Or that the only people who listen to your music are those that use MDMA?"

Crespo: "I make my living off of my personal form of art. People could say that about just about anything. Saying the only people who enjoy EDM are those that use MDMA is like saying the only people that like Bob Marley are those who smoke weed. You just cant make such big generalizations like that. Yes, EDM has been more strongly associated with drug use than most musical genres but only because most people think that you have to be on drugs to enjoy it since it can be so different from every other kind of music."

Me: "As a DJ who has a substantial fan base what message do you try and convey with your music?"

Crespo: "I really try and push party responsibly. I'm all for a wild party night but a lot of these kids these days need to learn how to party in moderation

Me: Do you believe that popular DJ's and Producers, and therefore EDM, have the power to change people's attitudes and enact social change?

Crespo: Of course. Anyone and anything who is as popular as someone like Tiesto can sway public behavior and opinion anyway they want. Just like politics.

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